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When we have a painful experience in life, it can create a metaphoric grove in our subconscious mind, where the memories of that painful experience are etched. Having the desire to protect our self from further, similar painful experiences, we begin to look for the things in life that could potentially cause another one. As we look, we begin to see all kinds of potential dangers that could create more pain. As we see these potential dangers, the memory in our grove is reinforced, setting up a negative loop that can paralyze us, prevent us from going after the things in life that we want or need. This negative loop is very difficult to break. As we believe, so we see. If we believe something bad is going to happen, based on the fact that something bad has already happened, we constantly look for it in order to protect our self from it, and we see it everywhere. Each time this happens our groove gets dug a little deeper. This is a very different experience from learning from our past mistakes in order not to repeat them again.

Hypnosis is very effective in smoothing out the groove so that we are no longer stuck in its negativity. While in the state of hypnosis, we have access to our subconscious mind, and to the negative emotions keeping us stuck in the painful memory. Once we connect to these emotions, we can release them. As this happens, we are suddenly free from their negativity, and they are no longer reinforced in our subconscious mind. Then we are finally able to heal and move forward in our life, able to see and experience our life from a new perspective.in.

Hypnosis Sessions:

I one hour session: $75.00

2 prepaid sessions: $120.00

3 prepaid sessions: $150.00