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                                 Tarot Readings and Lessons

For appointments please call Charlene @ 503-914-6338, or email charlene@sdreamtarot.com

                         Tarot Readings in Person (Portland, Oregon) 

60 min. Reading in Person      $75.00                    

Fully explore the important areas of your life, and look into how things are going in your life now, the next 3-6 months, as well as further into the future if you choose. Ask specific questions about your life or about those who are important to you. Get a channeled message from a loved one who has passed, or receive a message from your Spirit Guide. Or, bring your partner and get a reading on your relationship.

30 min. Reading in Person      $40.00    

Focus on a specific area in your life, like your career or relationship, or ask a few specific questions about your life.

Get a Reading with a Friend        $50.00 each                                                  

Two 45 min. Readings. This is a great way to spend some quality time with a good friend.   Guaranteed, you'll both have a lot to talk about after the reading!

Parties                                   $100 per hour

Private Tarot Lessons      $75.00 per 1 hour Session

If you're interested in learning the tarot, or are already studying it and want to catapult your knowledge of the cards, 1 or more lessons can be made by appointment, and can be taken individually or in a small group for the same price. 

                                        Tarot Readings by Phone

30 min. Reading by phone   $40.00  

Focus on a specific area of your life, like your relationship (or lack of relationship), your career, spiritual growth, happiness, etc. Or just spend more time flushing out a few important questions you have about your life.

60 min. Reading by Phone          $75.00   

The same reading as the in person reading. Gain insight into the important areas of your life; ask questions and find direction and greater meaning in your life.


Each person is unique and everybody processes information differently.  I am able to adapt the way I communicate the information I get from the cards and from my spirit guide to you so that you can understand it and utilize it more fully.

While I do not focus on the negative, I am extremely honest and won't shy away from challenging information should it come up. If you're feeling stuck or resistant to something that comes up during a reading, I will present things in another way in the hope that you'll see things in a new light, but I never force anything on you. If something comes up that's hard for you to deal with, I offer encouragement and support, and help you to problem solve so that the best possible scenario can come out of the situation.

We all have free will, and even though it's not always possible to control situations that come up in our life, or to choose the situations we may have to deal with, it's always possible to begin to understand the nature of these situations, and work with them in a way that brings about the greatest truth, peace, and insight possible for all those  involved.