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                            HYPNOSIS & TAROT SESSIONS WITH CHARLENE JENSEN      

For appointments call 503-914-6338, or email      charlene@sdreamtarot.com

I have been a professional hypnotherapist for 7 years, and intuitive counselor for over 20 years, as well as a former president of the Oregon Astrological Society. I've been studying and working with the tarot, as well as astrology, for the past 31 years and currently offer tutoring on the tarot.

I have had the ability to read people and situations for a very long time. Until I began to do readings professionally, at age 38, this gift made my life pretty confusing. It was difficult maintaining a normal career path as it was hard to focus on "work" when I was constantly reading the people and situations around me. Over time, I honed my skills as an intuitive counselor through 9 years of being an in-house reader at a WICCA shop at the Portland Saturday Market. When this ended I started my own private practice.  

Along with my spirit guide, Clarity, who aids me in bringing just that to all of my sessions, I offer readings that are grounded in the everyday world, as well as being full of spiritual light and understanding. From the moment we meet, I naturally begin to read you on many levels, and am able to communicate the information I get intuitively and through the cards in a clear and insightful way. It is always my intention, in every session, to help you gain a deep and lasting understanding of your self, your life, your relationships, and your life choices. Blessed Be!

                                                   Client Testimonials:

Charlene has done tarot readings for me for the last six years. Charlene’s readings not only show her deep knowledge and understanding of the tarot, but her own psychic and psychological knowledge is infused with her ability to read the cards. It never ceases to amaze me the amount of insight she has into my own subconscious, often hitting on things that I hadn’t realized yet. I have referred her to many friends and family members, that she has no prior relationship with, and they too, have seen amazing accuracy and insight in her readings. This is the REAL DEAL, no games, no scares, no make believe, no sugarcoating. Just an excellent reading.                      Heather Roman

I love the individual attention and the great way Charlene has shown support through out my sessions. I have grown as a person and within the first session I felt better and more alive than I have in a long time. I am grateful for what a huge difference she has made in my life, and I am able to live my life without the past weighing down on me any more. I recommend Charlene any day and sing her praises.                   Ellie :)

When I'm in question about which direction to turn in my life, Charlene is always there to help me figure it out. People need people like Charlene in their life!    
Mary Sherman

 Thank you so very much Charlene. Your insights were amazingly on with what's been happening in my life. With this information, I now understand the challenges I have been struggling with, and this helps me to achieve more fulfilling relationships.      Peg Ortner


Salamanders can re-grow a body part should it become severed or damaged, and like snakes, they shed their skin as they grow. The name, Salamander's Dream, is a metaphor for the highly creative yet often painful transformation we go through in life when we're letting go of something very important to us and finding the courage to dream anew.